about us

patafisic is an artisanal clothing and accessory line focused on knit wardrobe.
Starting from the idea of clothing as the first shelter for human body, patafisic creates knit pieces timely and timeless unique. Every item, from the earliest to the most current, is a sign of design.
1. The absence of a tailored quality is a deconstructive act paradoxically generating its own innate structure.
2. patafisic is geometry. Knit garments are reinterpretated in simple and complex shapes, starting from the full use of rectangular knits.
3. patafisic is flatness. Clothing as an object itself, qualified by materials and functions, flatness as lack of waste as a way of design respect.
4. patafisic is wrap. The relation between body and clothing starts in the action of wearing, adapting a 2d shape into 3d shape: wrapping and enveloping the body.
5. patafisic is convertibility. The undefined 2d shape could be interpretated. Garments can be multiple. The wearability can change: upsidedown, reverse, detachable, front to back.
6. patafisic is quality. The research of materials, yarns, textures and patterns is a priority. patafisic is 100% italian manufactured.

As a conscious tribute to the rational absurdity described by Alfred Jarry as Pataphysics, the search has always been focused on the intimate relations between basic and pure concepts and their possible, imaginary, deviant possibilities.

patafisic was founded in Florence in 1995 by designers and architecture students
Brenda Cecchi and Andrea Sicuro.
1996 First women’s collection is presented in Tokyo, London and New York.
2000-2010 Attending Paris fashion week twice a year.
After 2005 patafisic is designed exclusively by Brenda Cecchi.

thanks to
Francesca Avanzinelli
Katia Giuliani
Valentina Mazzo
Elisia Menduni
Diletta Palumbo
Miki Semascus
Pietro Sicuro